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Why Responsive web design?

Responsive Web Design - access

2012 was the year of the mobile smartphones & some predict 2013 will be the year for tablets.

To anyone who manages a website, it is apparent that mobile & tablet use is increasing and for most it is becoming the device choice to browse or shop on the internet.

This change causes a major challenge to a web designer. Not only does a website designer need to accommodate the different browsers and their versions they must absolutely tailor to the different devices and their size.

Traditionally, web designers would create web pages for the latest browsers that would also work on older versions of browsers. The traditional web design strategy was then replaced with the principle of creating a simple document with the lowest common denominator compatible for all browsers and by adding extra behavior or functionality using cascading style sheet or javascript.

The increase in popularity of the mobile & tablet made this latest strategy hard or expensive to manage for those business websites who had to cater to their mobile users. Some implemented multiple versions of the website using server side device detection techniques to accommodate the different browsers, devices, and screens.

Responsive web design addresses this ever changing landscape of devices, browsers, screen sizes and orientation. This strategy basically is to create fluid layouts and adapt the website content to almost any viewer.

What does responsive web design mean for business websites?

If implemented properly, responsive websites:

1) Reduces the need to manage multiple website content: Develop content once and have the CMS adapt to the viewing screen.

2) Allows the possibility to offer a better user experience by catering to the most desired functionality by user type.

3) Can increase website stickiness and return visits because your website is user friendly on multiple devices now.

The responsive web design strategy is still in its early stages but evolving rapidly. It definitely looks like it is here to stay.

Is it worth to redesign your website?

Switching over to a responsive web design will be a challenge for your content, design & development teams, but with the way the industry is moving, it’ll prepare you for the future, and put you a step ahead of your competitors.

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