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Why email marketing works?

Email, especially HTML email, has become for some, synonymous with SPAM thanks to the unsolicited mass sending. On the other hand, email done right is a valuable tool that produces high returns for the sender and the recipients.

When done right email marketing provides both the business owner and its client’s benefits:

  • Cost-effective : There are costs in email marketing notably copywriting and design, production and delivery however these are much less than that of direct mail. For the same amount spent in direct mail pieces, you can reach your recipients hundreds of times though email.
  • Builds relationships : A well thought-out and delivered email-marketing plan can create and build your brand thus ensuring customer loyalty.
  • Effective : Your message is sent to those who are willing to listen to you.
  • Measurable : Email marketing allows you to choose the time and date of delivery of your messages and this results in your measuring reaction right after you have sent your email.
  • Quick production : Email marketing allows you to quickly produce and launch your campaigns even possibly within hours.
  • Hyperlinks : With just a click of the mouse or a tap on the screen, you can have your client on your website and ordering your products or services.
  • Analysis : You can measure results in detail such as how many times your email was opened, or who clicked on what link of your message, and even how many sales your email generated you.
  • Segmentation and targeting : You can split your list on your market segments and vary your content based on the nuances of those segments thus ensuring an increased activity by your clients.

There are many different uses of email, and email marketing is more than just sending out a special deal or a promotion. Many email-marketing approaches exist to engage your clients and each type of communication delivers different benifits and requires different design and planning processes.

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