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webhdt starts blogging

Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to work with, or for, many types of businesses: from small local retailers, to distributors and to large multi-national information systems solution providers. In every position, technology played an important role in the success of that business. I have seen technology projects fail, and on the flip-side, people fail technology. My experience has shown me that the likelihood of technology projects failing people in larger organizations is high, while it is people who more often fail technology in smaller organizations.

Many successful entrepreneurs do not always perceive the value of technology. After all, they've created successful businesses with nothing more than a phone, fax, business card, and a firm, honest handshake. They are experts in their fields and have the ability to stride ahead with confidence. They often expect the same of their employees, whether it be in sales, or with other responsibilities. However, they will admit that technology solutions save time, increase collaboration and create a unified company voice to add a greater level of customer service and ultimately increase sales.

Here are a few examples of how small businesses fail technology.

  • Companies using their ISP's email instead of their own business domain names - e.g.,
  • Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMB's) developing web presences without identifying the expected measurable results (ROI - return on investment)
  • Business owners expecting productivity from their employees without providing them with the proper tools (hardware + software)
  • Sending mass emails without knowing how they will be viewed or who has actually opened it or read it.

Although these are only a few examples, they occur often within the small business community.

To create a repository of awareness and knowledge for SMB's on how they could more effectively create and implement their web strategies, webhdt inc. is proud to share its many years of knowledge and experience in our company blog.

We will talk about web & cloud technology, problems faced by small business owners and possible solutions. We at webhdt hope the content of this blog will be of value to you and encourage you to participate by commenting, sending feedback, or asking questions. Additionally, feel free to share our blog with anyone you feel may benefit from it.

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