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webhdt launches the Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin with eFraud enhanced security and vault tokenization

14 / September

What is the Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin?


This plugin lets you accept real-time on-site credit card payments through Moneris Gateways. It works with US and Canadian merchant accounts, can accept multiple currencies, uses fraud protection tools and securely stores customer information in the Moneris Vault.  nopCommerce is an ecommerce platform used to create your online shopping cart.


webhdt offers you the Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin in two versions:


The Standard version includes the Moneris hosted tokenisation (credit card information replaced by a token) as well as the Address Verification Service (AVS) and the Card Verification Value (CVV) fraud protection tools.


The Vault version includes all of the features offered in the standard version plus it securely stores customer information in the Moneris Vault.  This means that shoppers can use their credit card on their next purchase without having to re-enter the card number.


Moneris Payment Plugin Features


The Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin supports the following transactions through the Moneris Application Program Interface (API):

  • Pre-authorize - The Pre-Authorize transaction verifies and locks funds on the customer’s credit card. The funds are locked for a specified amount of time, based on the card issuer.
  • Capture - The Capture transaction retrieves the locked funds and readies them for settlement into the merchant’s account.
  • Purchase - A Purchase transaction initiates a funds verification and deduction on the customer’s card, and the amount is prepared for deposit into the merchant’s account.
  • Void - This feature cancels a Purchase or Capture in order to restore the amount back to the client’s account. If done the same day while the batch is still open, no record will appear on the cardholder’s statement.
  • Refund - A Refund can be performed against a Purchase or a Capture in order to refund a full or partial amount. Both the purchase and refund will be recorded on the cardholder’s statement.


Who should use the Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin and why?


All ecommerce merchants who want to grow their online sales.  The Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin enables your online shoppers to use major credit cards to pay for their purchase of your goods and services. The fraud protection tools confirm the client’s billing address and that the client is in possession of their card. Benefit from the vault features that let you and your clients create profiles online, and store all data securely on Moneris Gateways so you don’t need to. This saves you from investing in technology and making sure you become PCI compliant.


Contact webhdt to get the Moneris nopCommerce Vault plugin or to upgrade the version you have.



Download the moneris nopcommerce payment plugin
 Download the Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin with eFraud enhanced security and vault tokenization


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