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Six step web tune-up before the holiday traffic


here’s webhdt‘s Six step web tune-up before the holiday traffic

Your clients are already using your website daily, making purchases and (hopefully not too many) returns. Still, here’s webhdt‘s Six step web tune-up before the holiday traffic.


When you launched your website, you wanted to see that everything was right. Now, in this review you should actually be looking for anything wrong - that needs to be corrected.


Will you do it by yourself or with someone you trust?


Let’s get started:

Step 1 - Review the content on every page – read everything, in all the languages you display.

  • Is the spelling & grammar ok? What about the translation?
  • Do any of the images need refreshing?

Step 2 - Test the navigation – is your site slow?

  • Click on every link, does it lead you to the right image/text/page – where it should?

Step 3 - Sign up for everything you offer – a newsletter, subscription, loyalty club, etc.

  • Does the email confirmation work?
  • Do you actually receive what you signed up for?
  • Can you unsubscribe effectively?

Step 4 - Do you have a wish list on your website? If so, try it out.

  • Add items and delete items – do they get reported correctly on the site and on your reports?
  • Does the email notification/reminder to finalize the purchase work properly?

Step 5 Make a test purchase – Be the customer.

  • Buy three items: two of which you have in stock and one you know is in back-order.
  • Go through all the steps: coupons / discounts, shipping, payment and delivery.
  • Is your inventory impacted correctly?
  • How and what is being communicated about the back-order item?
  • Do you receive the items within the stated delivery time? At the right address?

Step 6 - Test the return process – are you still a satisfied customer?

  • Is your return policy clearly stated?
  • Do you offer credit or refund?
  • Is it an easy process? Return by mail/courier or in-store?
  • Does your inventory get updated correctly and when?

Be your own online client and identify what issues need to be addressed. If you find any, webhdt can help you take care of them now.Contact to offer your customers a seamless web experience this holiday season.


Six step web tune-up before the holiday traffic
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