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Successful website development projects

Most successful website development projects have a few things in common.

  • The business leader & website developer relationship is built on trust
  • Both share their findings & knowledge enough to build that trust
  • The right project team for the task at hand

When a business decides to design, develop, or redevelop its website, they usually know what it takes to better serve their customers. During the process of choosing their website development partner, most business leaders have an idea of the type of website they need or what function the website should play within their marketing mix.

On the other side, experienced website developers have seen and lived many successful or unsuccessful implementations. Their experience in knowing what works and what does not, represent a goldmine of information business leaders should gather before making their choice.

This makes it important for both business leaders and developers to collect the right amount of information from each other for the ultimate goal of creating a successful relationship.

Here are a few tips for business leaders to increase their chances of a successful website development project:

  • No matter the project, it is important for the developer to understand your business model.
  • Clearly define and present your business objectives from day one.
  • Establish your expectations from the developer and ask for feedback.
  • Create an environment for easy communication, experienced developers act as consultants you can benefit from. Request their feedback.
  • Understand the development process and request to have a clear definition of task responsibilities and roles.

These tips allow the website development team to work effectively with you, while ensuring that the new ecommerce application or content management system meets your requirements. This can be a difficult process, but it will keep the project on-track and on-time.

In the end, the basis of a successful website development project lies in the open communication between the business leader and the development team. Once expectations are established by both sides communication eliminates misunderstandings and ensures success.

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