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NEW Google Analytics v5

A must check for any website owner: The NEW Google Analytics V5

In March of this year, Google announced a new version of Analytics. Google Analytics V5.

Although recently they made V5 available to everyone, you still have the option to work with the old version. A version we have all been accustomed.

We tried the new version today and we loved it. It takes some time to acquaint yourself with the interface but once you get the hang of it, you will love it as well.

We cannot wait to delve into the core functionality of the new features of V5 and implement the new features for our customers.

We really enjoyed the new dashboard with multiple parts providing the possibility to create intelligent dashboard items based on business indicators, no more drilling down analytics to get to the right information. This is a major time saver for us where we do our periodic website traffic review calls with our customers. Now we can setup the new dashboard and have them check out their own metrics while discussing about objectives and strategy.

We are a goal oriented web development company and we treat our customer websites as our own. We set goals and we monitor results with our customers periodically. V5 has come to our rescue with a new feature to setup event goals to track downloads and video engagement. We cannot wait to test this new feature and incorporate it with the remainder of indicators we monitor for our customers.

For those who have chosen Google Analytics, V5 seems to be a winner and a must have for your website.

Read about all the new features of V5 from Google blogs

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