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Maintenance and Support

Basic maintenance plan

Our eCommerce or CMS website maintenance and support plans are personalized to match your exact business requirements.


Supported platforms

Open source applications for eCommerce including Magenta and nop-Commerce, and CMS applications for Wordpress and Umbraco.



Support from experienced staff via email, phone, live chat or ticketing.


SEO and SEM Support

Reports to help optimize website content for search engines (SEO) and for search engine marketing (SEM).


Product Support

eCommerce analytics to build product data strategy and process to quickly get products online.



Identify common website or data problems and provide your team with the appropriate tools to solve them.


Admin Support

Leverage webhdt eCommerce expertise to learn how to manage shopping cart insights and sell more online.

Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance tasks included in both plans:

  • Regular cleanup of web server files and database logs
  • Website and database backup health checks once per month
  • Google Search Console and Analytics monitoring and reporting
  • Monthly performance monitoring and anomaly reporting

How it Works

Basic maintenance plan includes 1 hour of monthly services.

Business maintenance and support plan starts from 4 hours per month. The number of hours required depends on the website needs.

However any unused hours can be carried forward as long as it is used within the year. All tasks are billed in 30-minute increments and logged in our tracking system. Any additional hours on top of your contracted Website maintenance plan will be billed at the full rate for that service.

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