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Lola Jeans’ Social Responsibility

Lola Jeans, a Montreal jeans manufacturer is a socially responsible enterprise.

"Empowering women through fashion"
"Committed to supporting research to cure breast cancer"
"Conducting our business to the highest level of ethical standards and social responsibility"


Since its inception, Lola Jeans has been a strong supporter in the fight against cancer. Founder David Abissidan participates in fund raising activities such as the Run for The Cure. Both he and his brother Sam, are owners and founders of Lola Jeans and are committed to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation and donate 10% of their online pre-tax sales to research.


As a company that stands to empower women through fashion, Lola Jeans celebrates International Women’s Day held each year in the month of March.


Moreover, their objective is to “conduct our business to the highest level of ethical standards and social responsibility”.


Believing that it is their responsibility to look for better ways to protect the health, safety, and fundamental rights of all their employees including those of their suppliers and partners, Lola Jeans has drawn up their own “Vendor Code of Conduct” that defines the standards for vendor conduct, human resources management and respect of the environment.


“It’s important that we hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards outlined in our Vendor Code of Conduct.”


Buying jeans is a finite act, but buying them from Lola Jeans helps to contribute to a better world.


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Lola Jeans’ Social Responsibility
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