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THREE ways to simplify the entire purchase process for both you and your online shoppers

Canada Post Shipping Tips: 3 ways to simplify the entire order process


1) Simplify the fulfillment process

Simplify shipment label printing, manifest creation, streamline order fulfillment, and reduce fulfillment costs.

2) Track purchases

Let shoppers track their purchase, automate your order status management and auto-generate transactional emails.

3) Improve returns

Simplify returns for both you and your online shoppers. Print return labels directly from your website.


What you can do with webhdt Canada Post services?

  • Get shipping estimates in seconds
  • Ship in Canada, to the U. S., and worldwide
  • Generate return labels and shipping documents
  • Track shipments in real-time


Do you fully use Canada Post services?

Canada Post offers a large range of shipping services such as:

  • Real-time pricing and delivery time estimates
  • Automated order entry and label creation
  • Real-time parcel tracking with email updates
  • Easy return process giving customers the confidence to buy online

Stop losing! Start printing your labels.

This is an opportunity for you to run your business more successfully.

Stop losing money
Print shipment labels


webhdt Canada Post plugin is helping you to easily take advantage of all these services to better serve your clients.

  • Easy Installation
  • Print your labels
  • Automate the tracking
  • Reduce your shipping costs
  • Get a higher returns

 STOP LOOSING MONEY! Print shipment labels with nopCommerce

The plugin allows customers to see the total shipping cost and expected delivery date for the items they have place in the cart directly from your site checkout. Customers receive shipment tracking ID within the shipment status emails sent from nopCommerce.




"I am glad I downloaded this Canada Post plugin.  It has now been 3 weeks that I do not have to manually enter the tracking numbers for each shipment anymore. My customers are receiving their automatic tracking numbers through their emails. This gives me more time to work on other part of my business."

Khatchick, Master Shoemaker,


"We serve the fashion industry and sell to both B2B and B2C audiences online.

Canada Post shipping plugin allows us to better manage our orders fulfillment using Canada Post services directly through our shipping management page.

In addition than immediately getting shipping price rates, we can now quickly print labels ready to stick on our packages.  The plugin will transmit details to Canada Post and send an email to our customer as soon as we create the daily manifest which lists all packages that have been prepared within the day. The packages will then simply be picked up by a Canada Post driver. The commercial feature also allows us to know when our customer receives the package. This process is done entirely by Canada Post allowing more time to our order fulfillment managers to process new orders.

The Canada Post web services plugin from webhdt plugin is a time and money saving solution."

David, fashion entrepreneur


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