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How to improve email marketing ROI

Why email marketing works? The article demonstrated the benefits why a company should use an email marketing software for communicating with their clients.

Once you have seen the benefits for your business, the obvious next step is to increase your ROI from email marketing.

The following are three areas where you can focus to increase your email marketing ROI:

  • Improve deliverability
  • Implement behavioral targeting
  • Improve email signup rate

Improve deliverability

Email deliverability is still a critical issue. As per Return Path, 1 in 4 emails sent do not make it to the inbox and may not even make it to the spam folders of your recipients.

Therefore, with the right email marketing software for business you may enjoy a 25% jump in your responses by simply using the right tool.

Using the right service and partner is just the beginning there are more ways you can improve deliverability:

Reduce complaints

Email recipients especially from the free email services such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo can with just a click of a mouse report your email to the spam cop. Moreover, every time they click that “junk” button, it affects your reputation with the ISP.

How could someone who has opted in to your mailing list report you as spam, right? Well it happens.

To minimize this behavior you just have to

  • Be clear with them on the frequency of emails you will send at signup and stick to that frequency.
  • b) Make it easy to unsubscribe, just one click away because the alternative “SPAM” is just one click away too.

Pass content filter test

Every email service provider passes your emails through content filters trying to identify spammy emails. Some words that fit the criteria or bad coding can trigger these filters. Testing is crucial to email marketing and your email marketing service provider should be equipped to provide you these capabilities.

Implement behavioral targeting

One-to-one marketing principles started long time ago well before the internet was popular and those companies who implement the one-to-one marketing saw significant gains in revenue. Behavioral targeting concept is not new to marketing but poses some technical challenges to companies, hence the reason why most of them prefer to use demographic or geographic targeting instead.

Email marketing made it cost-effective for companies to implement behavioral targeting by automated email triggers developed in their system. There are many applicable solutions when it comes to implement behavioral targeting here are a few examples:

  • Trigger automated emails recommending up-sell or cross-sell products to those who have purchased from you. One example is to calculate the reorder time based on previous purchase and before time expires, send your client a timely replacement offer email.
  • Cart abandonment is a widely used practice by many ecommerce shops. The email sent can interest the client to continue with the purchase of the product or better yet provide some insights as to why the purchase did not happen in the first place.
  • Targeting by email behavior is the simplest one for those who use email marketing software because the information relies in those systems. There are opportunities to further solicit those who open often your emails by asking them for their loyalty or offering very special incentives to those who do not open your emails at all.

We all know that the amount of information generated by the internet is non-comparable to the traditional media. Companies must be able to learn from these data and take decisions to adapt their strategies based on them. Those who succeed see benefits affecting their revenue.

Improve email signup rate

Getting people to sign up to your mailing list needs special attention from your marketing team. If planned properly, using the list management tools and the right channels, acquiring new potential client emails gives you the opportunity to achieve the high ROI from your email marketing campaigns. For any email marketing initiative, the constant priority would be to retain those who have subscribed and increase subscriber rates. And, one way of doing this is using acquisition emails. Here are three key ideas to acquire more subscribers to your mailing list:

    • Provide Value: If this is your first email to them then make it count, make it impressive. Although first impressions are very important, you have to make sure that your value proposition is evident in that email.
    • Target to segments: The days of blasting the same email to all and hoping for the best are over. For best returns, marketers need to target their emails to those who are likely willing to listen and act. Having systems in place for behavioral targeting will help in the identifying those who are willing to listen.
    • Show respect to your prospects, customers and your brand:
      • Implement a NO SPAM policy
      • Use an email marketing software to send out emails
      • Be legally compliant with the law
      • Display unsubscribe links prominently
      • Only send offers that can be applied to the recipient
      • Send as few emails as possible but make them count

The points made in this article can be useful for many different types of B2B or B2C companies. At the end, each company must assess and find out what works for them and apply it based on their budgets.

Webhdt can help you make cost-effective email marketing choices for your business, request a consultation, and simplify your email marketing campaigns.

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