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How to find a website development company

How to find a website development company

Finding a web development company requires some initial planning and careful preparation.

1. Identify your goals

Set clear goals of your expectations from your website. We all know that having a website is necessary for any business these days whether that is for a simple web presence, lead generation tool, or an ecommerce solution. However, setting clear and concise goals at the early stage will help you choose the type of website your business needs.

Evaluate these needs by identifying the list of features your website must have and those that are nice to have. Documenting your goals and required features will help you in choosing the best web development company.

2. Prepare a shortlist of website development firms

Search from Google or ask your surrounding for referrals. Stop looking once you have identified a satisfactory number of companies to consider. When choosing the best website development company to consider make sure they are a good fit to your business. Some criteria’s to look for are:

  • Their portfolio
  • Quality testimonials or referrals
  • Experience in your industry
  • Online marketing, design and technical skills

It is important to evaluate the capacity and knowledge of the chosen firm.

3. Contact your shortlist for a quotation

Contact your shortlist and request a quotation for your website development project.

If you follow this process, at the end you will have quotations from many different sources delivering what exactly you need them too. Of course, this will help you choose amongst them objectively as well since they are all quoting on the set of features you have identified in your step one.

4. Review, negotiate and sign

Once you have all the quotations, it is time to narrow down the shortlist to those who stand out from the group and most importantly those you feel comfortable working with. Last step is to finalize the details of the agreement. This agreement should have at least the following:

  • Web development cost and a payment schedule based on milestones
  • Legal requirements
  • Your deliverables and dates
  • Web developer deliverables and dates
  • Project timeline with clear milestones and final go live date

The time spent planning your website needs will make for an organized, well-communicated working relationship between yourself and the website development company you choose to create your website.

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