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How to Build great ecommerce and website checklists

How to Build great ecommerce and website checklists

Before heading out to the grocery store, do you make a grocery list? (you should if you are not doing so). The list will be your trusted guide to help you to stay focused on essentials and save you both precious time and money.

Checklists are not only used for groceries. There’s the popular travel checklist to cover the essentials for a good vacation or the even more popular weekend chores list for your partner.

So, why do we use them? It is simple: they work! They provided a sense of order and, by ticking off items from your list, you know you didn’t miss anything and that your work is done.

It’s time to bring the simple power of the checklist to your eCommerce daily tasks. In today’s fast paced work reality, a simple step-by-step guide is practical and helps us remember “what to do” in order to minimizes potential errors. Standardizing the steps for daily tasks will allow you and your employees to offer the best customer experience.


eCommerce checklists are easy to prepare, here are the steps:


Step 1 – Think of common mistakes that cause failures.


Step 2 – Create a simple “To-Do” list. You now have a checklist.


Step 3 – Review the checklist with colleagues.


Step 4 – Test your checklist.


Step 5 – If necessary, refine and improve your checklist to meet your needs.


With your checklist in hand, you will be able to reach the goals you set out. Or if you prefer, use ours.

Here are the Top 5 ecommerce checklists prepared by webhdt:

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