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How can I get my website on the first page of search engines?

Ask any SEO expert, “how can I get my website on the first page of search engines?” Most answer with “links, links, links, and social media.” This answer is based on what they do on a daily basis. They spend their time on search engine optimization, content creation, social media, and link building.

Let us review some of the options faced by businesses every day and dig into each one a little bit. This is not a priority ordered list, as there is no “one size fits all” approach to online marketing.


This is the technical side of things. Running reports, performing audits and creating recommendations based on the analysis. This is where we make sure that the website is developed with compliant code using well-known best practices and then work with the developers to fix them.

Many SEO’s spend their entire day working on issues at this level. Many systems, many customized elements, and so many things that can improve when designed with SEO in mind. Solving those technical issues help search engines in finding your content faster, putting relevance and intent to your content. However, most importantly, it should also improve on website usability and enhance your customer experience while on your site.

So why should you spend time and effort in SEO? To help improve your customer experience.

Content Marketing

Content is often overlooked when planning for search engine optimization. People think of it as a big effort and try to find ways to streamline it. Alternatively, they focus too much on the search engine keywords rather than providing the customer value. Keyword research is important to identify the demand.

Ranking high for a given phrase is great, it generates more traffic to your website. People searching on long tail phrases does not necessarily entail that you will be getting more customers which is the main reason why you have a website to begin with.

What if that traffic does not convert into leads or sales?

What then?

Start by looking inwards with you frontline employees. Understand what content helps them convert. They are positioned very well to tell you the specific type of content that helps them close deals. Between both the keyword analysis and the internal intelligence gathered over time, you are now in a position to develop content focused on delivering value to your best customers or potential new customers.

Social Media Marketing

You might be interested in knowing that Social media actually helps your organic search presence. Similar to links which are a “vote” to your website, social shares of your content are a sort of “vote” too. The more people love your content the more search engines will want to return those results on their pages. So investing in a social media strategy can actually earn you returns from the SEO aspect as well.

To start you just need to create accounts and post your content. The first step of your social media is done. The hard part is the second step where your content is shared or not over social media by your website visitors. There are many aspects playing whether or not your content is shared. Obviously, you must have the proper sharing tools on your pages at the proper location. For example, placing a share button at the top will not get you necessarily the same result if the same button placed right after your interesting content.

Placement of sharing buttons matter as does the quality of your content, assuming your visitors are indeed those who you are targeting them to be.

Link building

If your website is properly optimized for,search engines and you have implemented a solid content creation and social media plan, your link building gets done by itself. Your website visitors will reward you with lots of links.

When asked, “how can I get my website on the first page of search engines?” we recommend:

  • 1) Focus on your customer
  • 2) Build valuable content
  • 3) Implement a solid social program
  • 4) Ensure your website is optimized for search engines
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