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How Arthur Bespoke Tailor & Shirt Maker doubled client appointments

As of June of 2012, Arthur took the leap in the new permissive marketing model. They made a shift from the traditional print & direct mail marketing approach to the online marketing approach. The new CMS website developed by webhdt made all this possible by integrating search engine optimization, landing pages, email marketing, & pay per click advertising. Thus allowing Arthur to plan and effectively implement marketing campaigns using different online channels.

Their latest campaign to attract and book appointments for their Calgary trunk show visit in September achieved a 100% increase in appointments from returning or first time clients.

Arthur setup on their website a special landing page dedicated to the Calgary residents communicating their message targeted to them with calls to book their appointments. The email-marketing piece sent out communicated more details specific to their visit always requesting calls to book their appointments. The website’s Calgary landing page optimized for the search engines also generated new leads and newsletter signups for future visits to Calgary.

Overall, the content management system website developed by webhdt outperformed the older website allowing Arthur Bespoke & Tailors to increase the number of appointments per visit by 100%. At this rate, Arthur would recuperate their investment for their new CMS website within a year. The possibilities to implement low-cost marketing campaigns aimed at different customer segments using many channels simultaneously give them the edge to compete in this very competitive men’s apparel industry.

Arthur’s is a family run business established in Montreal, since 1978. They specialize in bespoke menswear by providing custom suits, shirts, shoes and accessories. They cater to a distinguished clientele mainly comprised of executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and celebrities.

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