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Emzone's new website


Originally introduced as an automotive care product line, the company quickly experienced a substantial increase in high customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

As a result, the emzone brand expanded into the Computer and Electronic Care, Signal Air Horn, Industrial Products and A/C Refrigerant markets.

A business with a wide range of products and specifications needed online visibility, quick, structured and easy content updates aligned for the marketing department.


Implementing Umbraco Content Management System

Challenges and benefits:webhdt provided emzone with a Content Management System that would allow the marketing department to publish their products in both languages and keep a consistent look throughout the website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is short for: A major challenge of a website redesign is preventing broken links caused by the new website. webhdt through SEO techniques retained eemzones long term search engine rankings and authority.  In addition, the CMS developed allowed the content manager to optimize every page to the targeted keywords.


"Where to Buy" feature

Other than publishing products, emzone can also publish retailers that sell their product in a "Where to buy" section


Emzone's new website
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