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What is a good open rate for email marketing campaigns
Our customers often ask us what ‘open rate’ means, and whether the open rate they are getting is any good or not. We have put together the following guide to help you understand what an open actually is, how they are measured, and what typical rates are.
NEW Google Analytics v5
In March of this year, Google announced a new version of Analytics. Google Analytics V5. Although recently they made V5 available to everyone, you still have the option to work with the old version. A version we have all been accustomed. We tried the new version today and we loved it. It takes some time to acquaint yourself with the interface but once you get the hang of it, you will love it as well.
Bringing People To Your Website
If you have ever owned or managed a website, it’s easy to spend time on tasks that have no significant outcome. When you’re trying to optimize your website for more visitors, leads, and conversions, where do you start? This article provides you a foundation in Web optimization for your website.
Points to consider when building (or re-building) your website
If you have a website or plan to build one soon, it's helpful to understand the basic building blocks of successful websites: browser compatibility, search engine visibility, good design, quality hosting, keyword-rich content and much more. This blog post provides an outline of the important points to consider when building (or re-building) your website and will give you a clear starting point for future articles.
The Twelve Networking Truths

The fundamental truths of networking for the Internet community. This memo does not specify a standard, except in the sense that all standards must implicitly follow the fundamental truths. The truths described in this memo result from extensive study over an extended period of time by many people, some of whom did not intend to contribute to this work. The editor merely has collected these truths, and would like to thank the networking community for originally illuminating these truths.

webhdt starts blogging
Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to work with, or for, many types of businesses: from small local retailers, to distributors and to large multi-national information systems solution providers. In every position, technology played an important role in the success of that business. I have seen technology projects fail, and on the flip-side, people fail technology. My experience has shown me that the likelihood of technology projects failing people in larger organizations is high, while it is people who more often fail technology in smaller organizations.

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