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THREE ways to simplify the entire purchase process for both you and your online shoppers
Don’t miss out! Start printing your shipment labels now. This is an opportunity for you to run your business more efficiently. Read more about Real-time shipping, tracking, estimates, returns directly from your nopCommerce eCommerce website.
Track your shipment: how to easily add a shipping tracking number to your confirmation email
Shipping companies, such as Canada Post, give the merchant flexibility to integrate tracking code URL links into their websites. Unfortunately, by default, nopCommerce does not provide tracking codes. However, you can easily add a shipping code to facilitate your customers’ experience by allowing them to directly access Canada Post tracking information. Read more to find out how.
eCommerce insights part 2
eCommerce insights part 2 is collected from various sources for those who want inspiration when planning for their eCommerce website development.
eCommerce Insights
eCommerce insights collected from various sources for those businesses who want inspiration when planning for their eCommerce website development.
Mistakes When Selecting A CMS
Businesses often overlook the importance of choosing the right CMS for their website project. This can impact not just the process of selecting the right CMS but the whole website project. Having worked on many different types of CMS projects over many years, the same issues appear over and over again.
Developing effective content for your website project
We stress the importance that having an effective website will drive you traffic, leads and sales. Content is king! And for content to be king, you need to go through a certain process and develop a content plan for your website. 10 questions to ask yourself which will get you started developing your website content.
Why Responsive web design?
To anyone who manages a website, it is apparent that mobile & tablet use is increasing and for most it is becoming the device choice to browse or shop on the internet. This change causes a major challenge to a web designer. Not only does a website designer need to accommodate the different browsers and their versions they must absolutely tailor to the different devices and their size.
Blogging can increase both traffic and leads
Creating a website provides you an online platform from which to engage your clientele and sell your products & services. If your intent is simply, to have a web presence that people can visit and to get your contact info or read about your company, think again. It is important to know that by setting up your website you are already doing 80% of the work for only 20% of the value.
Skills to look for when choosing a website development firm
Year-end reviews are looming over the next couple of months and many companies start thinking about planning their marketing strategies for the coming year. Most have already some sort of presence on the internet and regardless of that presence; it is worth looking into improving it.
How to improve email marketing ROI
Getting people to sign up to your mailing list needs special attention from your marketing team. If planned properly, using the list management tools and the right channels, acquiring new potential client emails gives you the opportunity to achieve the high ROI from your email marketing campaigns.

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