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Arthur Montreal Bespoke

The tailors of Arthur Inc, Der Shahinian Family, are committed to perfecting the art of tailoring and educating the next generation of clients about the traditions and values of bespoke couture.

To better cater to its exclusive clientèle, the Der Shahinian Family inaugurated in September 2011 their new store, having created the perfect setting for a truly private shopping experience. Their next step was to transfer that unique experience unto the world wide web.

The Arthur Boutique is a unique experience offering a personalized service to its clients. Having a clientèle throughout North America, Arthur needed an optimal solution to keep their clients up to date with their line of products, and custom fitting services; as well as with their upcoming Trunk Shows. They also keep in touch with their clients by mail throughout the year and take appointments by phone. To grow and reach to a wider range of clientèle, Arthur acquired a webpage that allowed them to post their Trunk Show dates, gather email addresses and send newsletters more frequently, as well as book appointments. Their website was the solution to reaching out to the Next Generation.


Implementing content management system

Challenges and benefits: webhdt provided a Content Management System to Arthur Inc, allowing the Master Tailors to focus more on the Content of their message instead of the appearance. Being a Montreal based company their website offers a bilingual experience, in both English and in French


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is short for: taking the right steps towards making your website visible on Search Engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. webhdt takes the steps to provides a healthy strategy in terms of which keywords to target.


Email Marketing

The content of the website has been engineered to facilitate the booking of appointments; directly or through the Newsletters. webhdt also guides the Arthur team in creating email marketing content and designs. Receiving an email from Arthur is no longer a plain text message, it has a consistent branded look across all communication mediums.

Arthur Montreal Bespoke
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