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About webhdt

Since 1996, webhdt has been helping people select and implement new technology ideas and products to grow their business. We use our large enterprise experience and leverage open source technologies that best meet your needs, and budget, to provide a complete suite of eCommerce web development products and services.

About the Team

Ghalem Nemmiche eCommerce Specialist,


e-Commerce Specialist

Lisa Major Creative Producer, partner with


Creative Producer

Pierre-Luc Mc Neil e-Commerce Suppport Specialist,


e-Commerce Support Specialist

Harout Tavitian e-Commerce consultant and founder,


e-Commerce Consultant and Founder

David Tavitian e-Commerce Consultant and Owner,


e-Commerce Consultant and Owner

How We Work


webhdt employs agile methodology across all processes to provide a client-centric approach for all its products and services. The client decides what he would like to accomplish and which tasks are most important. Agile allows for solutions to be developed in short sprints, permitting changes in market realities or shifts in company priorities to be considered and implemented more quickly and efficiently. The approach also allows us to be more responsive to your needs, and empowers you to plan which solutions to develop first based on the highest return on investment.


Building trust in our clients and creating lasting relationships


We strongly value building trust in our clients and creating lasting relationships. So it’s important for us to get to know each other a little better. We start by listening to what your business objectives are for the short term, as well as what your corporate vision is for the long term, before we plan an integrated solution that grows with your business.

goals, budget, and timeframe to develop a custom strategy


We consider your goals, budget, and timeframe to develop a custom strategy that helps you achieve your goals. We know one-size-fits-all ecommerce do not work in the long run, our focus is to ensure that the right processes and solutions are selected to meet your current and future requirements.

leverage leading-edge platforms to create an integrated eCommerce solution


We leverage leading-edge platforms to create an integrated eCommerce solution specifically designed for your company while considering your industry and competitors. Our goal is to help you drive sales, provide your clients with the best online experience possible, and grow your business.

hosting, maintenance, and support services


Our hosting, maintenance, and support services are designed to ensure your online and offline activities are always up and running efficiently. They also allow you to choose from a range of very competitively priced packages that are flexible and easily grow with your business.

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