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10 Great reasons to invest in webhdt hosted Exchange 2010 service

10 reasons you should invest in webhdt hosted Exchange 2010 service

webhdt helps small businesses (SMBs) increase productivity and improve communication by making personal and customer information easier to access and share from multiple devices and platforms in the office or on the go.

  • 1. Get real-time connectivity to e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and other important information in the office, at home, or on the road on any device.
  • 2. Manage, emails, calendars, tasks and contacts in one Inbox and contact your customers or your team with one click using instant messaging.
  • 3. Improve teamwork and collaboration by enabling employees to collaborate and share information with team members online in real time. Online collaboration tracks and merges changes so multiple versions of a document can be efficiently managed.
  • 4. Save on travel costs by synchronizing your emails in real time with your smartphone.
  • 5. Reduce IT costs and complexity by quickly deploying new software solutions without the need to install and maintain software and hardware on-premises.
  • 6. Minimize IT risks by deploying software that is supported by professional IT management, scheduled data backups, best-in-class data centers, and 24/7 IT support.
  • 7. Prevent downtime by relying on a backed service level agreement to provide guaranteed uptime for your network.
  • 8. Help protect data by using a central file repository for storing and sharing information from best-in-class and highly reliable data centers.
  • 9. Keep your technology up-to-date date as software upgrades, updates, and patches are automatically applied for you at the data centers.
  • 10. Free Trial. Experience the benefits of hosted business-class communication and collaboration with no-obligation.

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