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Professionally connect business processes applications and people

Connect Everything
Connect Everyone
Always know your next move
Why Choose WIS?
It's Like Having Your Own In-house IT/IS Department
WIS empowers small and medium sized businesses that do not have a dedicated IT/IS Department to quickly and cost-effectively integrate, synchronize and automate all of their eCommerce business processes. Our team of professionals assess your needs and provide you with exactly the solution you require for your existing ecosystem.
Integrate Everthing Faster than You Thought Possible
WIS uses API driven solutions that provide the flexibility to implement integrations quickly and effeciently on premise or in the cloud. We use agile methodology to work closely with you and your technology and marketing teams to determine which integrations will have the biggest impact on your business, and deploy them first.
A Solution That Pays Off
in the Short, and the Long Term
Instead of having to staff up with new hires for your business integrations, WIS permits you to only pay for what you need. Furthermore, our technology professionals have years of experience successfully implementing both SMB and large enterprise open source and cloud platform solutions.