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webhdt Upgrades its eCommerce Plugins for nopCommerce 4.1

10 / October


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In July 2018, nopCommerce released version 4.1, a faster, more feature-rich version with architecture improvements, feature enhancements, and fixes to many bugs.


NopCommerce is a powerful open source eCommerce platform that has been supported by a professional development team since 2008. It’s the eCommerce platform of choice for over 50,000 stores worldwide including big global brands like Volvo, Puma, Reebok, and Speedo, to name a few.


With the imminent launch of 4.1, we got busy upgrading all our nopCommerce plugins to better support our clients, and the nopCommerce community. We presently offer Canada Post, Elavon and Moneris nopCommerce 4.1 plugins to provide your e-Store with greater flexibility, and additional features and benefits.

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Webhdt’s Canada Post nopCommerce 4.1 Shipping Plugin

Using webhdt’s Canada Post Shipping Plugin allows you to manage all your shipments from one place, and to fulfill your orders directly from nopCommerce without the need for any other service or software. Our Canada Post shipping plugin is the most complete plugin for nopCommerce stores and is built on the latest Canada Post web services API. Developed specifically for nopCommerce retailers who want to make it easier to serve their online customers, it provides all the tools online retailers need to fulfill orders with Canada Post.

Upgrade your Canada Post shipping plugin now


Webhdt’s Elavon nopCommerce 4.1 Payment Plugin

For over 25 years, Elavon has helped retailers grow their businesses by providing secure and innovative payment solutions. The webhdt Elavon Payment Plugin for nopCommerce 4.1 allows retailers to safely and securely accept on-site credit card payments using Elavon’s credit card payment gateway. The webhdt basic Elavon Payment Plugin supports a wide variety of transactions through the new Converge API including credit card sale transactions, credit card authorization only, credit card completion, credit card return transactions, credit card voids and even automatically recurring orders.


It is also available in the Tokenization Credit Card Manager version that has all the basic version’s features but also securely stores customer information so shoppers can use their credit card on their next purchase without having to re-enter the card number.

Upgrade your Elavon payment plugin now


Moneris nopCommerce 4.1 Payment Plugin

The Moneris payment gateway was co-developed by BMO and RBC in 2000. The webhdt Moneris plugin for nopCommerce 4.1 accepts real-time on-site credit card payments through secure Moneris gateways. It also works with US and Canadian merchant accounts, is multi-currency capable, allows AVS/CVD security, and can store credit card profiles in the Moneris Vault.


The Standard version includes Moneris hosted tokenisation (credit card information replaced by a token) as well as the Address Verification Service (AVS) and the Card Verification Value (CVV) fraud protection tools, and even automatically recurring orders. The Vault version includes all these features and it also securely stores customer information in the Moneris Vault so shoppers can use their credit card on their next purchase without having to re-enter the card number.

Upgrade your Moneris payment plugin now


Have you upgraded to nopCommerce 4.1?

If you’ve already upgraded to nopCommerce 4.1, it’s a good time to look at upgrading your plugins. Increased flexibility, security and automation features are only a few of the reasons you should consider upgrading.


And if you haven’t, it’s the perfect time to start thinking of doing so. The enhanced features, speed and security will allow your customers to have a better, more satisfying, online shopping experience.

Learn more about nopCommerce 4.1


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