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webhdt launched Lola Jeans’ updated website

09 / October


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Who is Lola?

“It all started with the desire to make a perfect pair of jeans for women of all shapes and sizes. You know the ones you dream about but can never find. And so, I set out to make them myself — jeans that fit in all the right places, jeans that flatter your body so you look and feel confident. In 2004, I set up shop in a small apartment on top of my dad’s jeans store in Montreal. In 2006, my brother Sam and I joined forces and Lola Jeans was born.”  –David 

“Most jean styles are born out of a fashion trend or modern innovation. Our signature Pull On Jean was born as a reaction to what wasn’t being offered. The design behind the Pull On Jean is intended to  encourage the acceptance and celebration of a woman’s body, as it is. This fit became the basis of who we are today, setting the standards by which our customers have come to expect from us.”  We believe that all women are beautiful and inspiring, no matter her shape or size. Lola Jeans embodies these beliefs and strives to empower women through fashion. 

"Embrace Your Curves, Beauty is Not Defined by The Size of Your Jeans."

–David and Sam          

Lola Jeans grows their brand by selling directly to Canadian and US consumers, in addition to selling through retailers in Canada and the US. They understood that they required better infrastructure automation to efficiently manage products and inventory, as well as retailer and consumer order fulfillment.

webhdt began with a complete assessment of Lola Jeans’ existing digital systems and processes to develop a customized strategy to meet their objectives. A nopCommerce multilingual, multi-store, and multi-currency eCommerce website was developed and integrated with the existing Visual ERP. Shipping and order fulfillment capabilities were also seamlessly integrated into the process. 

webhdt provided the following services:

Business Strategy / eCommerce Development / ERP Integration / nopCommerce B2C Development / Shipping Plugin Development / eCommerce Hosting / Analytics and Support  


“In our first meeting with webhdt, Harout listened to what our goals and vision were for our launch into the B2B category. He then came back to us with a plan that helped us easily understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. webhdt linked our existing systems and created greater automation from order to delivery. Our customers love the design of our site, and we couldn’t be happier with how well all our systems work as one.”

– David and Sam 

webhdt knows that a well designed website provides your online customers with goods and services, a seamless purchase experience but also so much more! Your website is your interactive window on the world from which your customers get a sense of who you are and what you value.

When we visit , the first thing we see is their support of breast cancer research and their encouragement of women’s health. Browse and learn about denim care, sign up for their newsletter and read Lola Life – their contributions to fashion and community. And they sell jeans.

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Lola Jeans ecommerce-website design




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Connect with to stay up-to-date on ecommerce matters.

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Connect with to stay up-to-date on ecommerce matters.

Follow us on social media!




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