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webhdt Hires George Zikos as Brand Strategist and Copywriter

02 / November


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webhdt Expand Their Marketing and Advertising Services by Onboarding George Zikos 

webhdt is proud to announce that George Zikos has joined the team as Brand Strategist and Copywriter. His primary responsibilities are to develop communications and advertising campaigns and content for both webhdt, and our clients.


“We’ve worked with George on several projects going back to 2010. We felt that now was the perfect time to create a closer association with him to help with webhdt’s, as well as our client’s, marketing efforts. We’re also very pleased to be able to provide our clients with a complete suite of marketing services including branding, copywriting, content creation, and traditional and digital advertising services.” – Harout Tavitian, Founding Partner

webhdt now offers complete 360° eCommerce solutions

With over 20 years in the industry, George is a seasoned 360° marketing professional with boutique and multinational agency experience in Canada and the U.S. He has worked for local, national, and global clients and brands based in North America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.


“George has already started to work closely with the team to develop webhdt articles, white papers, collateral, case studies and news. The skills George brings to the table empowers webhdt to offer clients a complete suite of 360° eCommerce services.” – David Tavitian, Partner


About webhdt

For over 20 years, webhdt has been helping clients integrate and automate business processes, create eCommerce websites, and grow. Today, we provide a complete suite of 360° eCommerce services to better serve our clients. Our technology services and solutions integrate our client’s business processes to increase automation and efficiency. webhdt marketing services include branding and design, traditional and digital marketing, and content creation. We develop marketing activities and campaigns that drive qualified leads, convert browsers to buyers and increase sales for our clients.

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