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webhdt develops and launches Lola Jeans new design for eCommerce website

22 / March


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Since 2005, brothers David and Sam are on a mission to produce the most comfortable and fashionable womens’ jeans. After years of trial and error, extensive investment, countless sleepless nights, Lola Jeans was finally born. Lola Jeans required to extend their web presence by selling online. They needed a multi-lingual & multi-store solution that

  • - Cater to Canadian and US markets
  • - independently Ensure that websites data updates managed from one source (ERP)
  • - Keep order fulfillment processes simple and efficient

Webhdt implemented a bidirectional integration with Lola Jeans ERP using the latest tools available for both systems and an order fulfillment process based on Canada Post Web Services.

Integration with Visual 2000 ERP

DSA Apparel inc integrated the ecommerce website with their Visual 2000 ERP system to schedule regular product updates, synchronize the inventory levels on both systems, and import orders and invoices from nopCommerce for accounting purposes.

Integration Canada Post web services

Order fulfillment was made easy with Canada post plugin.

As part of the DSA Apparel brand strategy, creating a frictionless and simple consumer experience was a part of the objectives. We were able to achieve the desired customer experience by integrating the nopCommerce order fulfillment process with the Canada post web services.

  • - Creating shipment and return labels early in the order fulfilment process
  • - Sending automated emails with shipment tracking number to clients as soon as one is assigned
  • - Regularly monitoring the shipment status with Canada Post and updating nopCommerce shipment status

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