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eCommerce Website Development Services

Business Strategy and Planning

Whether your company is looking to launch it’s first website or already has an online presence, we’re here to help.


We evaluate your existing online presence, as well as your IT setup and structure to develop a customized integrated strategy based on your existing assets. We connect all your systems with your eCommerce site to seamlessly automate your business and provide customers with an omni-channel experience.


By understanding the marketing trends specific to your industry and target audience, we develop digital marketing plans that empower you to effectively find and speak to potential customers. SEO optimization, social media development, and PPC advertising are just a few of the many activities we employ to increase your online visibility.

eCommerce Development

The core part of our business is developing the optimal eCommerce solution using the right platform for your business.


Our seasoned team of web developers create visually stunning user experiences designed for your target audience.

A strong keyword strategy combined with copy in your brand’s tone of voice is essential to increasing your search ranking, and driving more traffic to your site.

We also offer translation services to make your site just as compelling, and keyword relevant, in other languages.


In the ever growing world of eCommerce platforms, choosing the best one to suit your company’s needs could prove to be challenging. Our goal is to help you select a platform that will grow with your business for many years to come. We specialize in leading platforms including Magento, Shopify, Wordpress (WooCommerce), and NopCommerce.


An essential component of eCommerce is the automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks. Our business process specialists develop custom integrated products and software that link your online activities with your enterprise resource planning software as well as other systems.

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eCommerce Hosting and Support

Great websites need a place to live and we can help here as well.


Choosing the right hosting provider and plan is essential to ensuring a fast, reliable, and secure customer experience on your site.

We offer shared, cloud, Azure and AWS services that scale to fit and grow with your needs.


Analyzing and planning your digital growth takes time, monitoring and perseverance, so we help you set up the appropriate tools to track performance. Using our SEO-Focused Marketing Reporting Platform, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, webhdt analyzes your data and provides valuable insights to help you grow your business.


Receive realtime support via email, phone, live chat,or ticketing. However you choose to contact us, our agile support team responds quickly and efficiently to all queries.

Leverage webhdt’s eCommerce expertise to identify website or data problems and provide your team with the appropriate tools to solve them. You may also schedule training for team members to have them learn how to proactively monitor logs and reports, or manage a staging environment to test additions or changes to the site.

Digital Marketing

Launching your eCommerce site is just the beginning. Based on your objectives, and budget, we develop the perfect combination of SEO tactics, search engine marketing campaigns (e.g. PPC banner ads), social media implementations, and email marketing calendars to grow your business.

We help you identify key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can understand your consumer’s behaviour and adjust your activities to optimize ROI.

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