Accept on-site credit card payments using PSiGate Credit Card payment gateway.

Accept Major Credit Cards

  • Accept Major Credit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover® (ensure your accounts with PSiGate supports these credit cards)
  • Works with PSiGate XML API
  • Setup your store with multiple currency (CAD, US and other)
  • SSL certificate is required to ensure credit card details are safely transmitted to PSiGate

Product Features

PsiGate payment plugin supports a wide variety of transactions through the XML API. Below is a list of transactions supported by this plugin.


Sale transactions authorize and capture funds in a single transaction.


PreAuth transaction authorize and reserve funds but do not a capture funds unless you issue a PostAuth transaction request. That corresponds with the PreAuth.


PostAuth transaction capture funds that were reserved by previous PreAuth transactions.


Credit transactions debit the merchants account and credit the account of the cardholder. Merchants perform credit transactions to refund their customers.


Void transactions cancel the effect of a previous transaction. Merchants perform Void transaction requests to reverse a PostAuth or Sale transaction and to prevent a transaction record from displaying on a customer’s credit card statement.

Accept on-site credit card payments using PSiGate Credit Card payment gateway.
Manufacturer: webhdt

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Platform NopCommerce
Licences Premium
Supported platform versions nop 3.30
Supported platform versions nop 3.40
Supported platform versions nop 3.50
Supported platform versions nop 3.60
Supported platform versions nop 3.70
Supported platform versions nop 3.80
Supported platform versions nop 3.90
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