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  • Supported platform versions: nop 3.90

Canada Post web services nopCommerce shipping plugin

Manage your Canada Post shipments from one place and fulfill your orders from nopCommerce, without the need for any other service or software.

Elavon nopCommerce payment plugin with CVC, CVV, AVS and tokenized Save Card Manager

From $120.00
Accept on-site credit card payments using Elavon Credit Card payment gateway with converge (formerly virtual merchant). Requires an active Elavon merchant account**

Free Live Canada post shipping rates plugin for nopCommerce

Live shipping rates from Canada Post FREE shipping plugin, the most complete plugin for nopCommerce stores. Built on the latest Canada Post Web Services API it provides merchants to offer live shipping rates to their customers.

Moneris nopCommerce payment plugin with eFraud, enhanced security and vault tokenization

From $130.00
Accept real-time on-site credit card payments through the secured Moneris Gateways. Works with US and Canadian merchant accounts, multi-currency capable, allows AVS/CVD security and storing credit card profiles in Moneris Vault.

PSiGate payment plugin

From $90.00
Accept on-site credit card payments using PSiGate Credit Card payment gateway.