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Online store: how to stand out from the competition

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More than ever before, online shopping has become a part of people’s habits. From clothes to toilet paper, toys and furniture, merchants try to find unique ways to sell their products on the internet through e-commerce websites. So, how do you convince people to use your online store to make their purchases? What are the aspects that will convince them to become loyal customers of your business? Here are several tips that have proven their worth and that can easily be set up:

Define your online store’s personality

If you haven’t already worked on defining your brand image and personality, it's time to get started! In order to reach the right audience and get good results, you need to establish a certain line of communication and a precise visual code.


To do this, you will need to determine who your target audience is. This will allow you to focus on and adjust several aspects of the store, including the vocabulary that is used in the written content, the shades that are a part of the colour scheme as well as the type of images.


To give a more concrete example, think about humour. Some audiences are more likely to respond to texts and images that contain humorous references, while others will feel repelled by them. Before you decide to employ this type of strategy, you must be sure that this is a good avenue to explore in order to stand out.

Developing a unique concept

Online shops often look very similar to one another. Why would one change a winning formula? On the other hand, if you adopt this kind of point of view, it is unlikely that your shop will strike the visitor’s attention. They may make a purchase, but it will be harder for you to turn them into loyal customers.


To avoid this type of problem, you must think about developing a concept that is somewhat out of the ordinary, which offers this added value that marks people’s imagination. Here are some examples that can serve as inspiration:


- Give an amount to a charity for each purchase. This idea works even better when the organisation you are giving to has some connection to the field in which you operate (ex: renovation and Habitat for humanity).

- Allow customers to put their own pictures of the product on the site once they have received it. This idea works especially well for a clothing or make-up shop.

Model of an online store

Creating a convincing human presence

Despite the growing presence of artificial intelligence, nothing replaces a true human presence, which manages to be both reassuring and convincing to users. This presence should be especially palpable on your About us page, where you introduce your team members, include pictures, share stories and talk about their role in the business.


Afterwards, you can maintain this presence in all your communications, including the use of a chatbot on the pages of the site and the addition of images and personalized signatures in your emails.

Speaking directly with your users and making sure their needs are fulfilled

This tip is placed in direct continuity with the previous point. Your sales funnel will be much more efficient if you accompany visitors who land on your site right from the start. Installing a chatbot is an increasingly common practice on e-commerce sites and one which you should not miss because your competitors are probably already onto it!


Regarding the question of needs, you can make an initial assessment by analyzing the data you have in relation to existing transactions. Afterwards, don’t hesitate to use surveys and other techniques to meet users' expectations.

Fine-tuning the sales funnel

Most people that visit your online store will not realize that they are taking part in a step that is incorporated in your sales funnel, and that's perfect! This process must be subtle but efficient because the goal must be to convince people to complete purchases.


That being said, it is always possible to improve the sales funnel at all stages. One of the most common problems is people abandoning their shopping cart. To improve your statistics at this level, you could set up a special tactic, including a discount that appears in an exit pop-up, telling the visitor that they are entitled to a 10% discount if they complete their purchase immediately.


Elaborate a clear blueprint of the current sales funnel and try to figure out which parts contain flaws. You will then be better able to make adjustments and improvements accordingly.

Shopping Cart

Optimising the online store for mobile phones

If your online e-commerce store is not currently adapted for mobile phones, it may as well be said that you are losing a considerable percentage of your potential users. The amount of people who use their phone to browse the internet is constantly growing and you surely don’t want to miss the boat! If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to make your online store "responsive". If you do constant testing to make sure that everything works as expected, you will see a noticeable effect on your results.

Showcasing your products

Last but not least, do not neglect the products that are for sale in your boutique! These should be the main focus of your efforts and they deserve a great presentation. Pay special attention to photos and descriptions, but also to product categories. Users of the site must be able to quickly find what they are looking for; otherwise they will give up quickly.


The product sheets should be comprehensive and easy to navigate. In this regard, it is interesting to see what comes out of your analysis in relation to customer feedback and the transactions that have already taken place. Could problematic situations have been avoided by offering a better presentation of the product? If so, now is the time to remedy this gap! Be convincing, apply the previous tips in relation to the content and maintain this consistency everywhere on the site!


You will see that your shop will attract more visitors, that they will be loyal and that you will get better brand recognition.


 Photo of Léa Plourde-Archer

Author: Léa Plourde-Archer is an editor and content writer at, a company that connects companies and web marketing service providers.


Cover photo: Pexels


Text photos : Pixabay

Online store: how to stand out from the competition
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