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Magento Services

Why Magento

Magento is a free open source platform specifically developed for eCommerce. And while there are a vast number of eCommerce platforms and solutions to choose from, few are as versatile, flexible and affordable. Whether it be for a small online eStore, or a large multinational retail chain, Magento is an excellent choice.

Simple to use and free

Magento’s intuitive admin interface is visual-based and simple to use. It was initially designed as an open source solution for business users and not technical users, and the Community edition is completely free and has thousands of themes to choose from. The admin interface is also highly customizable so each member of the team can set it up to access the information that’s important for them.

Easy application integration

Magento allows businesses to connect every aspect of their digital ecosystem for increased automation and efficiency. Third party extensions and solutions are readily available and plentiful for payment gateways like PayPal, database applications, shipping, order tracking, and anything else your eStore requires.

Powerful and scalable

No matter what the size of your business or eStore, Magento allows you to start small with the free Community edition and easily switch to the more powerful Enterprise version. Magento can support hundreds of thousands of products on a single site and can easily handle thousands of orders per hour. Upgrading to Magento 2 will also bring greater speed, security and versatility to your eStore.

Multiple stores, languages and currencies

Magento allows you to price goods and services in a vast number of foreign languages and currencies. Furthermore, you will be able to receive payment and reporting in your home currency making it simpler to take your business around the globe.

Responsive, mobile and browser friendly

With more and more consumers now shopping on their mobile phones, it’s more important than ever that your eCommerce site is viewable on every device, and across common web browsers. Magento’s eCommerce platform has thousands of existing themes that were developed to work responsively and to provide an excellent eCommerce experience on mobile devices.

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